Saturday 17 April 2021
10 am – 10 pm uk time

Speaker Profile

Ray Spence

Ray Spence is a fine art photographer, lecturer and author. His images appear in many books and journals on photography. Ray’s fine art work is wide ranging but recurring themes come from natural forms such as plants and the human body. He is a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society and a prolific exhibitor. His work has been shown extensively in the UK and abroad.

Photographic Art by Ray Spence

Scheduled Sessions

Ray Spence FRPS

From Concept to Completion


Ray's presentation follows the steps he takes in developing work from initial concept to final exhibition.
Ray will discuss his thought processes and selection of the photographic processes and techniques to suit.
To illustrate this Ray will take the viewer through three very different exhibitions of his work.

1. Sirens - A year long project which culminated in his first book "Form and Fantasy" and a major exhibition in Birmingham UK.

2. Torsos - An Arts Council funded exhibition of mammoth prints which was exhibited at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry UK

3. Locked in Silver - His most recent exhibition of images of plants and flowers exhibited at Gallery Photiq in Leamington Spa UK.

All the work is analogue, ranging from mammoth darkroom prints through to liquid emulsion and finally wet plate collodion.

1:00 – 2:00 pm bst

Including Q&A

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