Saturday 17 April 2021
10 am – 10 pm uk time

Portfolio Reviews

Get practical advice and start seeing meaningful improvement in your work.

Being a serious, practicing photographer can be a lonely pursuit. And it can be especially challenging to find qualified, constructive assessments of your work.

Sharing your work on social media is no substitute for personal, one-to-one guidance from an accomplished pro.

Through The Art of Photography Conference, you can have your photography portfolio evaluated by a top, professional photographic artist with extensive experience in teaching, mentoring and critiquing photography.

Whether you may be entering a competition, producing an exhibition, or applying for RPS or other Distinction, getting a professional portfolio review is a crucial step to gaining fresh perspective and actionable insights on your photography.

Please note: All Portfolio Reviews will take place AFTER the Conference.

How it works

  1. Reserve your place
  2. Arrange an assessment date with your reviewer any time between 19th April and 17th May 2021
  3. Submit up to 20 images (minimum 12)
  4. Your reviewer will evaluate your images prior to your session
  5. On your chosen day, you will engage in a private, one-to-one Zoom session of 45 minutes
  6. You will receive specific guidance and recommendations for taking the next steps in developing your photography

Portfolio reviews available only to paid ticket holders of The Art of Photography Conference

Spaces are extremely limited — book your spot today!

£ 75 GBP

Discounted from £100

$ 105 USD

Discounted from $140